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Okay this page always gets messed up – so sorry. The articles on this list used to be arranged differently; the dates were arbitrary and as you have probably noticed if I heard of a local story I wrote about it first; which meant that it may not have appeared on the list. So, I’ve changed the list and broken it down into two parts. The first are stories which I am currently writing and the second are ideas for stories I plan to write at sometime in the future.

Articles Currently in the Process of Writing

1. ‘Commanche: Master Horsemen of the American Southwest’

2. As World Gets Hotter Horses Shrink

Ideas for Stories I Plan to Write

1. ‘Roy Rogers in Waverly, NY’

2. ‘Tapaderos and the Western Saddle’

3. ‘Homemade Lining for Tapadero Stirrups’

4. ‘Western and English Saddle Fit’

5. ‘How to Train a Horse to Pick Up His Hoof’

Thanks for your patience and sorry for delays

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