Beloved Stallion – Fade Away

Fade Away and Barb What is it about horse crazy girls who turn into grown women? The one’s who dream of the perfect horse and continue hoping to find one; even though, we all know that perfect animal may only be a figment of our imagination. And yet the search goes on; we know what to look for; the guidelines have been laid out in novels and films.

The 8-year-old girl in all horse eccentric woman still hopes for that perfect steed. Ask any young rider ‘What kind of horse would you like to ride?’ and the answer you’re liking to hear is something like – “a black stallion of course”.

So what happens when you find that ‘black stallion’? Pure joy; that’s what Barb Barnes felt when she purchased the nine-year-old stallion, Fade Away, in 2011. He had the perfect disposition; calm and intelligent. The stallion proved a good trail horse and excellent around children. Fade Away sired three foals at Windy Ridge; a colt and two fillies.

The years rolled by; Fade Away developed breathing problems and COPD. Barb tried many remedies, but the years took their toll on the stallion. During the fall of 2015 pollen filled the air creating difficult conditions for the horse. Fade Away’s breathing became excessively labored; with each breath his rib-cage heaved and his nostrils flared as he tried desperately to breath. After extensive treatments, Barb felt she had no choice but to put the stallion out of his misery.

Time goes by, but some things are not forgotten. Some memories dwell in the heart and soul as well as the mind. For all of us who had the good fortune to meet Fade Away; the beautiful black Arab stallion; we will never forget his gentle grace.

Fade Away - 2011

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