Rockin’ N Stables Update

I first met Monty and Nancy in November of 2014 on a trail ride through Round Top Park. At that time, they had just purchased the old Round Top Stables and had big plans to turn the place around and make a go of it. They named the new place Rockin’ N Stables.

Fast forward some three and a half years to May, 2018; Anne Shaffer called to remind me of the annual spring trail ride with Monty and Nancy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the ride. A few days later, I stopped by Rockin’ N Stables for a visit.

Monty and Nancy

Monty and Nancy

I could tell you about the events Nancy and Monty host at the Rockin’ N. The Little Buckaroo Rodeo for kids as young as 7, with sack races, bronco-style sheep and calf riding, announcer Kirk Warner, a food truck and vendors; annual fall and spring trail ride to Round Top Park; summer and winter barrel racing competitions; weddings and children’s parties.

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Or I could tell you that Rockin’ N recently hosted a clinic with Laura Trumpower on barrel racing, horsemanship and horse health. And that Nancy teaches horseback riding on a one to one basis, and Monty relies on years of experience when he trains horses at the stables. Also, there are stalls to rent on a monthly basis.

All of this is true, but maybe more important are the two people who pull everything together, make everything work, put in the long hours of planning and organizing; the sweat and tears behind the scenes that makes everything work at Rockin’ N Stables. Of course that would be Nancy and Monty; our hats are off to you for a job well done. For more information on Rockin’ N Stable go to their Facebook Page. Happy Trails

Nancy giving a Riding Lesson

Nancy giving a Riding Lesson

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  1. Shirley Jennings says:

    I am so glad that Rocking N Stables is a family style affair . Some day I will find time to go watch some of their shows .

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