Riding in Winter

The weather has fluctuated this January like a yo-yo, first down into the teens then up into the 50’s all within a few weeks. I haven’t taken very many winter rides since along with the ping pong weather, came freezing rain and high winds. A few weeks ago when the temperature reached into the 50’s, I made it into the park for a few hours. The following poem was inspired by my winter ride.

A Winter Ride
by Pat Miran

Neighbors watched as I rode past,
They knew not where I headed though;
My horse stepped into woods so vast
Sprinkled with freshly fallen snow,

Down the path my horse quickly trotted,
Through the woods and round the pond,
Her hooves cut footprints in the snow
Near where the mighty willow stands.

The silent killers tracked small game
And forced prey to cross the trail,
Frightened rabbits, mice and shrews
Skillfully plotted a simple ruse,

As I rode into late afternoon
My heart embraced the backwoods
Until arctic winds began to blow
And cold nipped fingers and toes.

Snow drifted earthward a gentle force,
Quietly touching me and my horse,
As the moon rose big, yellow and round
I headed home safe and sound.

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